16 Best Dressed Detroiters

Hour Magazine-

“They have high- powered careers, busy social calendars, and hectic schedules that they arrange to make room for philanthropy. Because of – and sometimes despite- their full lives, they routinely step out in fine form. Metro Detroit has a roster of denizens who fit that description. Society writer Chuck Bennett, a regular on the party circuit, surveyed the local scene and named 16 locals who wear it well.”

Norman A. Yatooma

Bloomfield Hills,
Lawyer and
President of Yatooma’s
Foundation for the Kids

“When I was in high school, I used to dress to impress my childhood sweetheart, Nicole. Now she’s my wife, and I still try to impress her. Except, now, she helps pick my clothes. Actually, Nicole and I were voted best dressed in high school. I’m as ostentatious as a lawyer can be when it comes to dressing- mixing patterns, wearing pink, and I always wear cuff links. I dress mostly from Cicchini Clothiers in Birmingham. I wear a lot of Brioni and Zegna.”

In Picture wearing Paul Cicchini custom suit and shirt, Brioni tie, Zegna shoes.

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