30 In Their Thirties

30 In Their Thirties
Business Leaders of Tomorrow … Today

We asked our readers to nominate regional business leaders in their 30s who were making a mark in Michigan and around the world. From the latest technological advances to financial services to bankruptcy reorganizations to health care initiatives, the executives on the following pages all share a passion for growth, teamwork, and ingenuity.

Whatever the challenge or endeavor, the honorees placed a premium on building and enhancing a workplace culture where employees could keep pace with the good times while withstanding the growing pains often brought on by unforeseen forces. In addition, we placed no restrictions on revenue. Rather, we sought to spotlight entrepreneurs, managers, and leaders who were operating or contributing to businesses small and large. Please join us in congratulating all of the honorees.

Norman Yatooma, 38. President, Norman Yatooma and Associates, Birmingham. Attorneys: 26.

Norman Yatooma often prefers to take the road less traveled. Over the last decade, the barrister has scored legal victories for franchisees across a broad spectrum of business sectors. “My greatest satisfaction comes from taking on the plight of the little guy,” says Yatooma, president of Norman Yatooma and Associates in Birmingham. When the artist Thomas Kinkade began competing with some franchisees by selling his paintings at reduced prices, Yatooma scored a nearly $3 million judgment. He’s also successfully represented franchisees of Wireless Toyz and Burger King. The latter case, where Yatooma represented franchisee Le-van Hawkins, resulted in a $30-million settlement (though Yatooma had to sue to collect his fee). A successful philanthropist, the attorney founded Yatooma’s Foundation For The Kids, which has raised more than $2.5 million since 2003 to assist children who have lost a parent and to help them cope with emotional and financial hardships. —R.J. King


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