Affidavit Accuses Detroit Police officer in Death of Tamara Greene

(DETROIT) – A former Detroit police lieutenant, who sued the city, claims in an affidavit that it was a Detroit police officer who shot and killed stripper Tamara Greene execution style in April of 2003. Greene was rumored to have appeared at a party, also rumored to have taken place, at Detroit’s Manoogian Mansion.

Former homicide investigator Alvin Bowman does not name who he thinks killed Tamara Greene. Greene’s family is suing the city, and the affidavit was filed in connection with the lawsuit.

Mayer Morganroth, the lawyer for Mayor Kilpatrick, says the accusation is garbage.

But the attorney for the Greene family, Norman Yatooma, says the statement by Bowman is important. “It’s enormously significant. Certainly much more significant than just one person’s thinking. This is the person, the best person in the universe, to comment on the murder investigation of Tammy Greene.”

Also filed in the lawsuit by Tamara Greene’s family with the affidavit was a Michigan State Police report based on an interview with a Detroit emergency medical technician. Douglas Bayer said he saw a disturbance at Detroit Receiving Hospital in the fall of 2002, that he was told was the result of the mayor’s wife beating down someone.

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