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Selecting the right appeal lawyer is often the key to winning on appeal. As you proceed in your selection, our appeals attorneys offer the following suggestions for your consideration:

When a case is heard in trial court, the judge or jury weighs the evidence presented and assesses the credibility of witnesses. As a case reaches the appellate court level, factual issues and witness credibility are usually no longer considered. With limited exception, the arguments that are made in a court of appeals must also have been addressed in the trial court. An appeal focuses primarily on the correct interpretation and application of the law. For this reason, an appeal must make a compelling case that the trial court made an error of law and that the law is on your side.

Norman Yatooma and Associates engages in state and federal appellate law. This component of NYA’s litigation practice provides clients with the security of knowing that their litigation matters can be handled from inception to final non-appealable judgments by the same core attorney group who are already acquainted with all aspects of the trial level proceedings.

With only one opportunity to file your appeal, you cannot afford to waste it by going with less competent or under experienced attorneys. When you’re about to go all in at the appellate level, you need the best attorneys out there. Our attorneys have a meticulous eye for detail and a penchant for writing airtight briefs. When everything is up against you and you’re not sure where to turn, you need the best that there is, and those are the legal professionals of the Norman Yatooma and Associates law firm.

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