Attorney Files New Motion In Greene Case

BIRMINGHAM, Mich. — The attorney representing the family of slain Detroit exotic dancer Tamara Greene in a lawsuit against the city has filed a motion requesting the investigation into whether evidence connected to the case was destroyed.

Greene was killed in 2003 in a drive-by shooting, just months after she allegedly danced at a never-proven Manoogian Mansion party thrown for former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick.

Greene’s family has filed a $150 million wrongful death lawsuit, claiming the city and other top officials have blocked an investigation into her death.

Detroit has sent the court pages of documents showing that police went to great lengths to solve the killing and that a drug dealer named Darret King was responsible for Greene’s death.

But the attorney representing the family, Norman Yatooma, said King was never charged.

Through dozens of depositions, Yatooma said has several people who have said under oath, that they were punished if they tried to investigate Greene’s death.

Kilpatrick, his wife, Carlita, his father, Bernard, and his former chief of staff Christine Beatty have all been deposed in connection with the investigation.

“There’s a whole host of reasons, more than I can count on all of my fingers and toes for Kwame Kilpatrick to do exactly what he did, which was to cover up this murder investigation,” Yatooma said.

Yatooma’s evidence motion is related to the recent revelation made by city officials that Kwame Kilpatrick and Beatty’s computers were destroyed before they left office.

Yatooma said he had been trying to recover e-mails as evidence.

“Well, the hardware’s tossed out and, they say, with the hardware the emails, because there was reportedly some auto-deleting program where the mayor and the chief of staff automatically had their e-mails destroyed,” he said. “It seems outrageous. It seems incredible. It seems like a lot.”

The city of Detroit is trying to get the lawsuit tossed out.

U.S. District Court Judge Gerald Rosen is expected to decide whether to allow the case to proceed in the next two weeks.

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