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Strong business leaders recognize that a comprehensive legal strategy is critical to achieving their business goals. Legal risk is business risk. Whether a business is seeking advice for a single transaction or for its ongoing needs, Norman Yatooma & Associates can provide the guidance. Although we are based in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, we have worked with companies across the country, big and small, from multinational corporations to sole proprietorships. Clients come to NYA to file their corporate formation and continue to seek our advice on the entire spectrum of corporate matters.

We are different than most law firms. Our attorneys pride themselves in being business people devoted to the practice of law. We have the industry knowledge and business acumen to craft solutions that make both good business and legal sense. Every business is different, so our business attorneys take the time to understand your goals. Our objectives correlate with business’ best interests, from initial consultation through each and every transaction. Our business lawyers advise and assist on the non-legal issues ancillary to business and corporate law. We build comprehensive tailored solutions to meet your goals, needs, and interests while minimizing legal risk.

We are a full-service business law firm. Norman Yatooma & Associates can advise you through every facet of operating a business, including governance, formation, financing, merger and acquisition, sale, and day-to-day transactions. We also resolve business disputes through negotiation and litigation.

Business Organization

Myriad options are available to entrepreneurs seeking to form a business. Each form of business organization offers a different set of benefits and drawbacks. A general partnership requires little to no formal agreements and allows income to pass through to the owners, but also opens owners up to the most liability. A limited Liability Company (LLC) shields members from some direct liability but may be best suited for smaller companies. Clients may find that a traditional corporation offers greater flexibility and a clearer path for growth; corporations also benefit from the continued existence subsequent to the life of their founders. But depending on whether the company is filed as an S-corporation or the more common C-corporation, income may be taxed at the corporate level and at the shareholder level. There are still many other forms of business entity. Some states are also experimenting with even newer forms of business entity, such as the B-Corp and L3C. Choosing the right one for your business requires much care and planning.

Our expert business lawyers will help you understand which mode of collaboration is best for your business. Our attorneys will examine all aspects of government regulation, tax consequences, management structure, ownership and control, and profit sharing. We will look to your goals and business plans and guide you through documenting your intentions. We will help you select the most beneficial business entities, aid you in registering your business with the state, and prepare your organizational documents. In more complex cases, our corporate attorneys will help you make an informed decision on whether you should merge with, acquire, or form a partnership with another business. We work to minimize legal risk and maximize what matters most to you.

Corporate law is rigorous and the attorneys at Norman Yatooma & Associates are here to support business owners in making informed decisions on the different steps that will take their businesses the next level. Our corporate lawyers go through extensive training before advising clients about rights, responsibilities, organizational structure, and even tax structure. The attorneys at Norman Yatooma & Associates can steer you in the right direction by offering sound advice about the options available to you as a business owner.

Business Transactions

We understand that a business is only as good as the deals it makes. Clients rely on Norman Yatooma & Associates to handle critical transactions. Our attorneys have represented hundreds of businesses across the globe. We address transactions across an array of legal areas including mergers and acquisitions, commercial contracts, purchase agreements, real estate, finance, employment and executive compensation.

Every business is unique. Every client’s objectives and needs are unique. We listen to our clients’ goals and we craft strategies that meet our clients’ interests while also fostering relationships with the other parties.

Our attorneys have the discipline to meticulously structure, negotiate, and consummate transactions that advance the client’s position. We collaborate without compromise. We advocate aggressively when the situation calls for tough negotiating tactics. Norman Yatooma & Associates is different because we know when to be adversarial and we know how to build relationships which foster future business.

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