Christine Beatty Testifies about Emails in the Tamara Greene Case

DETROIT (WJBK) – She was at the center of the sex and text scandal that brought down Kwame Kilpatrick. Wednesday, Christine Beatty, the ex-mayor’s former chief of staff and former lover, testified about emails in the Tamara Greene case.

Beatty testified via telephone during the fourth day of a hearing being held in regards to a very narrow issue as to whether or not anybody from the administration destroyed emails that might prove some evidence with regard to whether or not the City of Detroit covered up the death of Tamara Greene.

Beatty testified that she never sent, received or destroyed emails, nor did she authorize anybody to send, destroy or do anything in regard to emails.

“She’s not a defendant in the case at all. She was a defendant, but she was dismissed out because there’s absolutely nothing to tie her to anything. There’s no evidence, no claims at all, and she should never have been a party to this case at all,” said Jeffrey Morganroth, Beatty’s attorney.

“We know from their IT personnel, Terrance Sims, that the GroupWise system, the city’s system, only deletes the trash folder. So, the users didn’t delete their emails, the system didn’t delete their emails, and yet, somehow, all the emails have been, in the words of their lawyer, deleted and purged,” said Norman Yatooma, who represents the Greene family.

The one interesting thing that happened Wednesday is that Beatty talked about Gary Brown. When Brown left the City of Detroit, his emails were saved. Why those emails were not backed up when Beatty or Kilpatrick left is anybody’s guess. Yatooma will have to convince a judge that somehow the city should be sanctioned for not preserving those emails.

The hearing is going to continue because Yatooma wants to call three more witnesses, including the head of the IT department for the City of Detroit.

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