Ex-Detroit Police Chief Testifies In Tamara Greene Case

DETROIT — Detroit’s former police chief testified Wednesday in federal court about whether e-mails relating to the investigation of a stripper’s killing were ever destroyed.

Ella Bully-Cummings was police chief when Kwame Kilpatrick was mayor. The family of Tamara Greene is suing Kilpatrick, claiming the city obstructed the investigation into her 2003 death because she may have danced at a party at the mayoral mansion.

Kilpatrick denies the allegations and calls the case “frivolous.” He testified Monday that Greene’s death was never a topic of conversation among high-ranking officials and not a subject of his e-mail.

Greene family Norman Yatooma said they believe that e-mail that could help their case is missing.

Bully-Cummings answered several dozen questions with, “I do not recall as I sit here today.”

When later pressed, she said, “In my tenure as chief, I would have sent or received less than a dozen e-mails to mayor Kilpatrick.”

She also said, “I don’t have any reason to destroy any e-mails.”

She said she left all of her work materials behind when she retired and has not had any contact with it since.

Former Kilpatrick bodyguards Mike Martin and Lorenzo Jones also testified Wednesday.


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