Ex-Kwame Kilpatrick aide Christine Beatty denies any e-mails tied to Tamara Greene killing

Christine Beatty has joined a growing chorus of former Detroit mayoral aides to say they never sent, received or deleted any e-mail dealing with Tamara Greene, the slain stripper said to have danced at a rumored party at the mayoral Manoogian Mansion.

“No, I did not,” Beatty testified Wednesday when asked during a court hearing whether she destroyed any such e-mail.

She also said she didn’t know of anyone who sent, received or deleted e-mail about Greene, who was killed in a drive-by shooting in April 2003, about eight months after supposedly dancing at the never-proved party.

But Beatty, ex-Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick’s former chief of staff and lover, said she rarely deleted e-mail when she worked for the city, and that she left it behind when she resigned in February 2008 during the text-messaging and perjury scandal that drove Kilpatrick from office.

So, what happened to her e-mail?

It’s a question Birmingham lawyer Norman Yatooma is trying to answer on behalf of Greene’s family, which has sued the city and Kilpatrick, claiming they derailed the investigation into her killing to prevent those responsible from being found.

The city and Kilpatrick have denied the claim and have asked a judge to dismiss the suit.

But before that issue can be resolved, federal Magistrate R. Steven Whalen must deal with Yatooma’s request to penalize the city for failing to produce e-mail, computers and hard drives for several former city officials for his lawsuit.

He wants Whalen to issue a default judgment, in effect declaring him the winner of the suit, or impose other sanctions against the city and Kilpatrick.

The city says it has complied with Yatooma’s request for information. Yatooma says the city is holding back.

“They’ve all been deleted or purged,” Yatooma said about the e-mail after the hearing. Or, he said, the messages may still exist on the city’s computer.

His quest for information is expected to continue.

Whalen agreed Wednesday to let Yatooma call two more witnesses as he seeks information.


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