Family Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Henry Ford Village Nursing Home

Kerfoot Lewis dies after suffering mysterious broken arm at Henry Ford Village nursing home; family seeks answers

Author: Mara MacDonald, Local 4 Reporter

The once-strapping, now 90-year-old Kerfoot Lewis has seen his health decline in his later years.

Lewis, who has dementia, was a resident at Henry Ford Village Nursing Home until he was recently admitted to Oakwood Hospital with a broken arm. His daughters got the call on Thursday to be informed their father had a bruised arm. When they arrived at the hospital they learned there was more damage than that.

“There is a fracture of his arm,” said Lewis’s daughter, Kim Hagood. “There is a huge bruise. The arm is swollen, almost double.”

No one has given the family an explanation about how the injury happened. Police are investigating along with Henry Ford Village.

“He is extremely guarded, holding his hands. That’s probably what’s most frustrating because he appears to have been traumatized,” said Hagood. “He’s guarding himself. We can’t hold his hand.”

The nursing home told Local 4 they are conducting their own investigation and will turn findings over to the state of Michigan.

That’s more than the family has been told. They are furious.

“Not only would they give us no information, but the nurse who was there was rude,” said Hagood. “She was rolling her eyes at us as if we had no right to be there questioning.”

The family has retained attorney Norman Yatooma.

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