Filing details Kilpatrick testimony about affair with ex-cop monitor

Sheryl Robinson Wood, who had to resign her job as federal monitor overseeing Detroit police reforms, had an extramarital affair with then-Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, a lawyer said in court documents on Sunday.

Attorney Norman Yatooma said Kilpatrick “struck up a friendship with Wood and eventually engaged in an extra marital affair with her,” Yatooma said in a court filing in the Tamara Greene case.

Yatooma based the information on a deposition Kilpatrick gave in the Greene lawsuit.

“Incredibly, Kilpatrick testified that he had no recollection of how many times he had sex with Wood, the location of the trysts, or even the year in which they occurred,” Yatooma said Kilpatrick said in a deposition.

Yatooma said Kilpatrick’s desire to cover up his extramarital affairs, especially with former Chief of Staff Christine Beatty, may have provided the motive to derail the Greene investigation.

Wood resigned in July 2009 after FBI agents working on the Detroit corruption probe found evidence in Kilpatrick’s text messages that he and Wood had developed a relationship.

The government passed the information to U.S. District Judge Julian Cook, who appointed Wood to oversee federally-mandated reforms at the department. After receiving the information, Wood resigned.

Cook never characterized the relationship beyond saying that she and the mayor had engaged in “undisclosed communications as well as meetings of a personal nature.”

There was no immediate comment from Wood.

Last week, the city of Detroit asked Cook to order Wood, Kroll International and two law firms for whom she worked, to reimburse the more than $10 million the city paid for Wood to monitor the department.

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