Fireworks at WADL TV 38 Detroit: Attorney Michael Schwartz and Attorney Norman Yatooma Engage in Heated Interview

DETROIT, March 11, 2011 — /PRNewswire/ — WADL TV38 Attorney Michael Schwartz’s interview with Attorney Norman Yatooma turned into a fiery exchange. Attorney Schwartz interviewed Attorney Yatooma at the WADL studios on Thursday. Yatooma is currently involved in the high profile case against the City of Detroit involving the death of Tamara Greene, a stripper who was murdered and the case is yet unsolved. Tamara Greene was the stripper who is allegedly connected to the infamous party at the Mayor’s mansion some years ago. During the interview the attorneys locked horns and exchanged several fiery barbs. The interview in its entirety can be seen Sunday, March 13th at 12:30PM on WADL TV38.

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