Former DPD Clerk Files Affidavidt In Kilpatrick Scandal

(DETROIT) – The urban legend grows. A former mail clerk at the Detroit Police Department says she saw the police report of an assault that took place at a party at Detroit’s Manoogian Mansion. The clerk says the report was filed by Tamara Greene, and the report claimed that Greene was assaulted by Carlita Kilpatrick, the Mayor’s Wife. The sworn affidavit was filed in the federal court case by an attorney that represents Greene’s teenaged son.

The statement by 65-year-old Joyce Rogers of Troy is similar to the rumors about the party that supposedly took place at the Manoogian sometime in the fall of 2002. The statement by Rogers claims the report said that Carlita Kilpatrick saw Tamara Greene touch the Mayor. Mrs, Kilpatrick left the room, came back with a wooden object, and began assaulting Greene.

The statement says the report said Greene was taken to a hospital because she was injured. The statement says that it was clear to Rogers that Greene wanted to press charges against Carlita Kilpatrick. The statement says that Rogers put the report in the incoming basket, which would have been sorted by a sergeant who would assign duties. The statement says that Rogers called the crime-stoppers tip line last month to report what she knew. But no one called her back.

“I think it’s clearly demonstrating that this is looking less and less like urban legend and more and more like legendary coverup,” said Greene family attorney Norman Yatooma.

The stripper, Tamara Greene, was shot and killed execution-style in April of 2003. Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox investigated stories about the party but could not find any evidence, calling it urban legend.

Rogers sued the police department after she quit her job as a clerk, charging discrimination. Rogers and the city settled out of court.

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