Greene’s Attorney Closer To Obtaining Text Messages

DETROIT — The attorney for the son of an exotic dancer killed in a drive-by shooting after she allegedly danced at a rumored Manoogian Mansion party hopes to get key text messages to help in the case to solve her killing.

Tamara Greene’s son, Johnathan Bond, filed a lawsuit alleging Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and members of the city’s police department tried to block the investigation into Greene’s death.

Earlier this month, Bond’s attorney, Norman Yatooma, asked a judge to preserve the text messages and e-mails of 34 city employees.

The judge ordered te city to give up its records so Skytel paging can send the text messages from every city-issued pager in the hours before, during and after Greene was allegedly attacked and slain.

Judge Gerald Rosen is expected to receive the messages by next Saturday. His office will read each one and any message that is relevant to Green’s death or the investigation into her death will become part of the case, said Yatooma.

“I think we will find better evidence of the party that has been referred to as an urban legend. I think we might find information specific to the investigation itself,” said Yatooma.

Yatooma said there will be a special eye on the pagers of Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick; his wife, Carlita; his father, Bernard Kilpatrick; his former chief of staff, Christine Beatty; his childhood friend, Derrick Miller; and Deputy Mayor Anthony Adams.

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