Judge Denies City’s Request To Halt Greene Lawsuit

Federal Hearing On Gag Order, Delay On Case Held

DETROIT — A judge has denied two requests by the city of Detroit during a hearing on the Tamara Greene lawsuit in a federal court Monday.

The hearing was called by city lawyers and asked a judge to try and halt the $150 million wrongful death lawsuit brought by the son of slain stripper, Greene until after the investigation into Greene’s death was completed and the criminal case against Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and his former chief of staff Christine Beatty have come to a conclusion.

Judge Gerald Rosen denied their request and said the case will move forward.
Rosen also denied a city requested gag order to ban attorneys and potential witnesses from speaking to the press.

Greene’s son, Jonathon Bond filed the lawsuit against the city, claiming Kilpatrick, Detroit Police Chief Ella-Bully Cummings and other top officials blocked the investigation into Greene’s murder in an effort to cover up an alleged party.

Greene, who went by the stage name Strawberry, was rumored to have danced at an alleged party at the Manoogian Mansion, which is the formal residence for the city of Detroit’s mayor.

Greene was killed in a drive-by shooting about six months after the rumored party.
Kilpatrick repeatedly denied a party took place.

Bond’s attorney, Norman Yatooma accused the city has been trying to stall the lawsuit and said they missed a court-imposed deadline to release information.

“We received nothing other than excuses on March 28,” said Yatooma. “The court ordered (the city) to produce the homicide file by March 28. Again, we received nothing but excuses.”

A representative for the city said many of the documents requested have been shredded to protect employee privacy. The representative also said the city would be willing to release other documents, if certain information was excluded.

Yatooma opposed that idea. “How long will Jonathan have to wait,” Yatooma said.
“Mom was killed when he was 10. He just turned 15 and has waited long enough.”

On Monday, Rosen mandated that the city hand over Greene’s homicide files by Friday.
Yatooma has hired a team of investigators to follow up tips on the Greene case. All callers remain confidential and all tips will be professionally investigated, according to Yatooma.

Anyone with information on Greene’s killing is asked to call 877-4TAMMYG.


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