Judge orders city to turn over Kilpatrick computer hard drives

DETROIT (WXYZ) – It looks like the family of murdered exotic dancer Tamara Greene could be getting information from Kwame Kilpatrick’s computers after all.

In an order issued late Monday, a federal magistrate said it has come to the court’s attention there are copies of what had reportedly been destroyed.

Magistrate Judge Steven Whalen has ordered the city to locate and produce two external hard drives labeled “mayor’s backup” that were copied by the city’s information technology staff from the former mayor’s home computer.

The order also demands one or more CD’s containing files that were reportedly downloaded by a computer specialist from Kilpatrick’s office computer.

The city’s lawyer has seven days to turn the items over to Kilpatrick’s lawyer, Jim Thomas, who will then have seven days to block out any lawyer-client emails before everything is given to Greene family attorney Norman Yatooma.

Tamara Greene was murdered in a drive-by shooting in April of 2003, months after she reportedly danced at a never-proven party at the Manoogian Mansion.

The Greene family lawsuit claims the city sabotaged the investigation of her death for political reasons.

The city has denied it.


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