Judge orders Kilpatrick to testify about missing computer

DETROIT (WXYZ) – A judge ordered Kwame Kilpatrick to testify in federal court on Monday about the whereabouts of his old city computer.

KIlpatrick will testify about e-mails that may have been deleted, either automatically by the city’s computer system,or by Kilpatrick himself. Attorney Norman Yatooma, who represents the family of slain stripper Tamara Green, maintains the missing e-mails could help prove the family’s contention that the city thwarted the investigation into Green’s murder.

Green’s family filed the lawsuit against the city in 2005.

Terrence Sims, the city’s information technology manager, told the court today he found Kilpatrick e-mails stored in the city’s system, but the messages were no older than 2006, years after the 2003 murder of Green. He says Kilpatrick’s computer was irrelevant to the retrieval of old e-mails, because they would only be stored on the city’s e-mail server.

“Pick a lie, any lie,” a frustrated Yatooma said after the four-hour hearing.

“See, we hear, initially, the computers were trashed. Then we hear the computers were transferred, just to other personnel. Now we hear the computers are irrelevant.”

Regarding Kilpatrick e-mails, Yatooma said : “Never are we told they don’t exist. We’ve got (city) lawyers making up statements as they go along.”

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