Kilpatrick: Computer Handed Over to Ken Cockrel, Junior

DETROIT – Where is Kwame Kilpatrick’s computer? That’s what investigators want to know after it was revealed the former mayor and other city leaders may have destroyed evidence following the murder of dancer Tamara Greene.

In an affidavit, Kwame Kikpatrick claimed he set up a transition team and that his computer was handed over to Ken Cockrel, Junior. The city councilman and former mayor told FOX 2 there was a transition meeting, but no computer.

FOX 2’s Taryn Asher asked Cockrel, Junior if he knows the whereabouts of the infamous computer. He answered, “To be honest with you, I have no idea.”

Cockrel, Junior said when he took over for Kilpatrick, the former mayor left a lot behind, but it wasn’t his computer.

“I know when I became mayor there was not even a computer in the mayor’s personal office, and, in fact, the computer that I used during my time as mayor was actually an old computer that I borrowed from my council office,” he said.

Asher asked Cockrel, Junior whether he questioned that at the time. “Let’s just say it was something I was a little bit curious about,” he replied.

Many are curious about this computer that is the center of much legal controversy. The city attorney recently claimed Kilpatrick’s computer had been thrown out and replaced months before the former mayor resigned.

In that computer e-mails lost that attorney Norman Yatooma was banking on. He represents the family of slain stripper Tamara Greene and believed the information stored in that computer would help prove Kilpatrick and the city stifled her murder investigation.

Now, the City of Detroit could face fines for destroying the computer, essentially e-mails relevant to numerous lawsuits. However, on Monday Kikpatrick filed an affidavit, a sworn statement of fact that said, “Upon his departure, he set up a transition team and that the computer was handed over to Ken Cockrel, Junior.”

“At this point, there is so much that has gone on surrounding the former mayor that I’m not really surprised at anything that comes out,” said Cockrel, Junior.

We asked Kilpatrick’s attorney, Jim Thomas, about what his client said and Cockrel, Junior’s response. He told us off camera the only thing Kirkpatrick said in the affidavit was when he left his computer behind in his office it was intact.

Thomas claims all the facts would be flushed out in court.

“I’m way past the point, as I think a whole lot of people are, of being sick of even having to talk about this guy, but I guess we’re going to have to continue to do that for awhile,” Cockrel, Junior said.

Cockrel, Junior said perhaps that computer was left in another section of the mayor’s office on the thirteenth floor, but that it certainly was not in Kilpatrick’s personal office and that computer was definitely not handed over to him.,-junior

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