Kilpatrick To Testify Monday About Missing Emails

Former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick has been ordered to testify Monday in a civil lawsuit filed by the family of murdered stripper Tamara Greene.

The attorney for Greene’s family claims Kilpatrick covered up and hindered the investigation of her 2003 shooting death.

A computer systems manager for the city of Detroit testified Wednesday that all city emails are saved on a server and not individual computers. Terrance Sims also testified that when, or if, an email is deleted it will be purged off the server automatically after a week.

Attorney Norm Yatooma wants e-mails from 2002 and 2003, but the city says it doesn’t have any.

“We’ve got requests from October, saying they were deleted and purged; requests from two years ago, saying these things were missing, couldn’t be found. Objections because [the requests] are unduly burdonsome and overly broad,” Yatooma said.

“Never are we told that they don’t exist. Obviously we’ve just got lawyers making things up as they go along,” he said.

WWJ’s Florence Walton reports there has been a number of questions about what happened to Kilpatrick’s emails and computer. Kilpatrick’s attorney James Thomas says the computer was given to Ken Cockrel Jr., but Cockrel said he never received any computer when he took over as mayor after Kilpatrick resigned in 2008.

A federal magistrate will determine at the end of the hearing if the city should face sanctions for not saving the emails.

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