Kilpatricks on long Greene case witness list

A former Detroit drug lord, an admitted hit man and an array of attorneys, police officers, judges and former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, his wife and father are among 331 people named in lawyer Norman Yatooma’s proposed witness list in the Tamara Greene federal civil suit.

In his 23-page filing Friday, Yatooma said he wants to also call as witnesses all members of the Detroit police executive protection unit from 2001 to 2008, all employees of Kilpatrick’s associate Bobby Furguson and all investigators “any way involved” in the criminal investigations of Kilpatrick and his former aide and lover Christine Beatty.

Also, Yatooma wants all of Greene’s health records for the last five years of her life and records from Detroit Receiving and St. John Riverview hospitals for Greene “or any other exotic dancer on or about the night of the Manoogian Mansion party.”

Yatooma is suing the city and Kilpatrick, alleging the investigation of Greene’s murder was deliberately sabotaged because of rumors linking her to a never-proved stag party at the mansion.

Veteran Detroit trial attorney Bill Goodman said the list — which includes admitted professional hit man Vincent Smothers and Young Boys Inc. founder Milton (Butch) Jones — seems overly expansive. He likened the list to Edgar Allan Poe’s story “The Purloined Letter,” in which evidence was hidden in plain view: “The real witnesses are there hidden amongst all the other names.”

Yatooma said he couldn’t comment on why some of the potential witness were named but that the list will be significantly narrowed before trial.

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