Kwame Kilpatrick’s Computer Thrown Away

BIRMINGHAM, Mich. – The federal lawsuit on behalf of the family of Tamara Greene has taken yet another wild turn.

Greene was the slain stripper said to have danced at a party at the Mangooian Mansion in 2002 while Kwame Kilpatrick was mayor.

Lawyers for Greene’s family have been pressing for years for computer records and e-mails of Kilpatrick’s, his former lover and top aide Christine Beatty and Ruth Carter, then the corporation counsel.

“Finally, when there was no more room to run, we found out they destroyed evidence. They actually threw the computers away and all of the e-mails contained there on. All the communications from Kwame Kilpatrick, Christine Beatty and Ruth Carter, now a judge, then head of the law department, it’s gone,” said attorney Norman Yatooma.

He argues Greene’s still unsolved murder and the lawsuit her family has brought follow a similar pattern.

“What happened in that murder investigation to keep them from closing that investigation is now happening in our investigation to keep us from closing our case, same obstruction (and) same destruction of evidence. It’s absolutely incredible,” Yatooma said.

A spokesperson for the city would not comment on the missing evidence. Police logs are still be compiled. The city could face sanctions for the missing evidence.

“Computers didn’t get up and throw themselves away. E-mails didn’t shred themselves, but see no one in the defense of this matter, no city employee, even Kwame Kilpatrick himself, no one’s taking responsibility,” said Yatooma.

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