Kwame Says He Left Computer For His Successor

DETROIT — A court document filed Tuesday morning by former mayor Kwame Kilpatrick’s legal team claims Kilpatrick left his computer behind for his successor, Ken Cockrel.

Cockrel said this is news to him.

“I don’t recall there even being a computer in the mayor’s personal office,” Cockrel said.

Cockrel said he still uses the computer he used as mayor, but it was never Kilpatrick’s.

“If there was a computer, perhaps it was left in the mayor’s larger office, but as far as the personal office, I don’t recollect a computer being there,” Cockrel said. “As a matter of fact, during my time as mayor, the computer that I used for my daily operations actually was borrowed from my City Council office and that’s what I used pretty much the entire time I was there.”

Tamara Greene’s family attorney said the family wants to see Kilpatrick’s e-mails from that era. However, a city attorney told the judge in Greene’s case that Kilpatrick’s computer was thrown away.

“I have to say I was not surprised. I mean does anything surrounding Kwame Kilpatrick surprise anyone at this stage?” Cockrel said.

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