Lawyer: calls from city-issued cell phones on slain stripper’s phone?

DETROIT (WXYZ) – Action News Investigator Heather Catallo has learned that a flurry of legal sniping back and forth between the City of Detroit and the lawyer in the slain stripper lawsuit has revealed an interesting detail about phone numbers that appeared on Tamara Greene’s cell phone.

Court records suggest that there were both outgoing and incoming calls on Tamara Greene’s phone from numbers that look like they belonged to City of Detroit employees.
And that’s why the lawyer for her family wants more records handed over.

Who called Tamara Greene from numbers that possibly match cell phones issued to City of Detroit employees?
That’s what attorney Norman Yatooma wants to know.
Yatooma is suing the City and former mayor Kwame Kilpatrick – claiming they obstructed the investigation into Greene’s murder.
The exotic dancer was rumored to have performed at a never-proven wild party that Kilpatrick allegedly held at the Manoogian Mansion.
It’s been alleged that the ex-mayor’s wife, Carlita, interrupted the party and assaulted Greene.

In this motion to compel discovery for the lawsuit, Yatooma writes, “there is substantial justification for.. [the] City of Detroit to disclose to [the] Plaintiff’s which City employees may have been in communication… or aided in, the cover-up of the assault committed on Ms.Greene by Defendant Kilpatrick’s wife.”

Yatooma wants to see documents that identify the name and complete cell phone number for every City employee that was issued with an area code and prefix of either 313-999 or 313-220 because those “numbers repeatedly appeared on Tamara Greene’s personal phone records.”

In a motion filed Thursday, lawyers for the city said they would have to search through 48,000 pages of records to determine who those cell numbers belong to.
The judge in this case will hold a hearing about this on September 2nd.’s-phone%3F

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