Legal documents unsealed Sunday reveal new ‘witnesses’ in rumored Manoogian party

DETROIT (WXYZ) – The saga surrounding the never proven party at the Manoogian Mansion opens up yet another bombshell chapter.

A legal brief unsealed Sunday filed by the attorney for murdered exotic dancer Tamara Greene contains over a hundred pages of testimony – some of it never seen before.

Greene was killed several months after she allegedly danced at a wild party in 2002 at the Manoogian mansion. Kilpatrick and his family have steadfastly denied the party happened.

But in court documents released Sunday new witnesses, we haven’t heard from before, say in sworn testimony the party definitely took place. Those documents could come into play during a Monday court hearing. While originally scheduled as a status conference, it’s possible that sanctions against the city of Detroit could be discussed. Those sanctions would be related to the city not having, or destroying documents in the case.

Among those who testified – Tamika Ruffin – another exotic dancer who says she also performed at the party and saw marijuana and cocaine inside the Manoogian Mansion. She also claims that Carlita Kilpatrick beat Tamara Greene with a piece of wood when she saw Greene giving Kwame Kilpatrick a lap dance.

Ruffin also says that in the weeks and months after the party she was with Greene when Carlita Kilptrick would repeatedly call Greene’s cell phone and threaten Greene.

The documents also reveal more testimony of Detroit police officers alleging high-level corruption within Kilpatrick’s bodyguard unit. Several officers claim they were forced out at the first sign they were cooperating with internal affairs.

The other major bombshell – Kilpatrick’s stated affair with Sheryl Robinson Wood – the federal monitor for the Detroit Police department. In his testimony, Kilptrick says he has no recollection of how many times he had sex with Wood.

The unsealed brief was filed by attorney Norman Yatooma in response to the city’s motion in September to have the case tossed out.

Jim Thomas, one of Kwame Kilpatrick’s lawyers, says they have until Monday December 6th to respond to Yatooma’s brief.‘witnesses’-in-rumored-manoogian-party

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