Local news briefs: Some records gone, City of Detroit tells Greene lawyer

The City of Detroit is rebuffing more efforts by the lawyer for slain exotic dancer Tamara Greene to provide detailed information that he believes could explain her killing.

In a motion filed Thursday in U.S. District Court in Detroit, city attorneys said they would not honor Norman Yatooma’s requests because they lack relevance, are too time-consuming or involve records that don’t exist anymore.

For example, Yatooma has requested daily detail sheets for four fire department EMS personnel and a police dispatcher. The city said such documents are kept for no more than seven years.

In response to a request to identify whether a phone number that appeared in Greene’s phone records matches a city-issued telephone, the city said a search of records would take months to complete.

Yatooma also wants to know what city employee was issued a particular cell phone number. The city said it doesn’t know.

He said he believes the city has the records he wants. “We’ve asked for this information before. We’ve asked nicely. At some point, they’re going to have to give it up,” he said.


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