Attorney donates $100k to help find Tamara Greene’s killer POSTED: OCT 31 2018 02:26PM EDT VIDEO POSTED: OCT 31 2018 10:46PM EDT UPDATED: OCT 31 2018 11:40PM EDT (WJBK) – Attorney Norman Yatooma puts up $100,000 reward to find the killer of Tamara Greene. Yatooma believes former mayor Kwame Kilpatrick is behind the 2003 murder. “All of the tips we received for those many years, every single person across the board was afraid. Our hope is now that Kwame
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Norman Yatooma adds $100K reward in murder of Tamara Greene Exotic dancer, who was mother of 3, killed in 2003 By Mara MacDonald – Reporter, Kayla Clarke Posted: 11:12 PM, October 30, 2018Updated: 11:12 PM, October 30, 2018   DETROIT – Tamara Greene, an exotic dancer who went by the name “Strawberry,” was killed in a drive-by shooting in 2003. Family said the 27-year-old single mother of three was pulling her car up to a curb at Roselawn and West Outer
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Local businessman sues his own attorney over mishandled case  
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Yatooma wins $13.1 million dollar judgment By Kevin Dietz – Reporter, Derick Hutchinson Posted: 6:04 PM, October 24, 2018 Updated: 6:04 PM, October 24, 2018   DETROIT – When someone has a legal dispute, they usually hire a lawyer. But what happens when the dispute is with their lawyer? The Local 4 Defenders have uncovered an unusual case in which a Metro Detroit businessman went to court to sue his own attorney. He won, and it resulted in one
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September 17, 2018

25th Anniversary Silver Lining Event

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25th Anniversary Silver Lining Event My social media feeds have been full of first day of school photos, final first days for graduating seniors, and far away first days for kids who left the nest to fly off to their new dorm — so many landmarks.  For 1 out of 20 kids who will lose a parent in childhood, however, it’s one of the many landmarks that they’ll be forced to experience without Mom or Dad.
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