Officer: Manoogian Party Never Happened

DETROIT – The rumored 2002 party at the Manoogian Mansion is taking center stage as a Detroit Police officer steps forward with his side of the story. The officer says the so-called party never happened.

Was there or wasn’t there a party at the Manoogian Mansion on September 4, 2002? Shawn Gargalino is the officer who is said to have been dispatched there, but now in an interview with The Detroit Free Press, he says that’s not true and calls the investigation nothing but a fishing expedition.

The guy fishing is Norman Yatooma, the lawyer for slain exotic dancer Tamara Greene’s family.

“I suppose he can call it a fishing expedition if he likes. We’re catching some fish,” says Yatooma.

Plain and simple, Yatooma says he thinks Gargalino is lying. He points to retired police dispatcher Sandy Cardenas as proof.

“Who is the DPD 911 dispatcher who said that party happened, said she sent cops there, said that Gargalino was on the scene,” says Yatooma.

Legal Analyst Charlie Langton says party or no party, that’s not what’s important.

“To me it’s irrelevant. The main issue in the case is whether Kwame Kilpatrick or the City of Detroit sabotaged a murder investigation that ultimately would have found the killer of Tamara Greene,” he says.

Gargalino also says his run sheet from the night is missing, leading Yatooma to ask why.

“How is it you have September third and you have September fifth, but you don’t have September fourth? What is the reason for that? There is simply far too much information that has gone missing here for the folks that are the custodians of that information to remain credible,” he says.

FOX 2 tried to get in touch with Gargalino ourselves. Roop Raj talked with some of his family members. They asked him if he would like to talk, but he declined doing an on-camera interview.

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