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The Norman Yatooma & Associates law firmly understand the tremendous toll a personal injury can have on the average person. And that is why our law firm is here to help.

Generally speaking, when another person’s negligence or incompetence causes a personal injury, it results in a legal matter. Being the highly ambitious law firm that it is, Norman Yatooma & Associates has a seasoned, impressive track record, and we can come to your aid.

A personal injury that stems from of another person’s negligence requires in depth analysis and attention, and most of all, the support of an ambitious law firm like ours. Hiring our law firm is highly recommended, especially if you wish to be financially compensated by the party liable for your injury.

Did you know?

A personal injury is not defined as simply a physical phenomenon. In fact, personal injury may refer to a psychological ailment or an injury that you incurred during exposure to a particular environment or person. Our personal injury attorneys can help you obtain the compensation that you rightfully deserve, whether you have a physical or mental injury.

Many potential clients are unsure of what a personal injury is. A personal injury may refer to the following:

• If you received an injury while conducting professional duties on your worksite, this may qualify as a personal injury. For example, if you had exposure to a toxic substance that gave you a disease, this would qualify.
• If a work related experience or treatment caused depression, anxiety, or any other psychological ailment, this may be characterized as a personal injury.
• If you suffered an injury in traffic because of a negligent motorist.
• If you receive a personal injury by simply using a defective product.
• A psychological illness that resulted from harassment or discrimination.

Legal representation may also be provided on behalf of a deceased individual who died as a result of their injuries. If you fit any of the injury criteria listed above, The Norman Yatooma & Associates law firm can help you. Our legal professionals are highly specialized in this field and can help you win your personal injury case.

Important Considerations

Norman Yatooma & Associates has helped obtain financial relief and compensation for many clients. With the aid of a substantial settlement, you too can become monetarily secure and return to your normal pace of living.

Perhaps you have been the victim of an unwarranted personal injury, or you wish to pursue legal action on behalf of a loved one who incurred such an injury. Before you proceed, consider the following:

• Do you feel confident with the idea of filing a formal complaint about the person, company or entity that is liable for your injuries?
• Is a legal claim the best possible course of action, in terms of receiving compensation for your injuries?
• Do you feel that an attorney may better help you navigate your case?

The attorneys at Norman Yatooma & Associates solemnly believe that when your health has been violated, you have every right to pursue a lawsuit.

What To Expect

Above all things, Norman Yatooma & Associates will adhere to its reputation and address your needs with consummate professionalism and courtesy.
Upon contacting the office of Norman Yatooma & Associates, you will receive an in depth evaluation of your case. If one of our skilled attorneys determines that you have a legitimate personal injury case against the liable party, we will proceed forth with your claim. Our attorneys will work tirelessly to acquire the financial compensation that you deserve.

It is highly recommended that you file a formal claim and speak to one of our legal professionals as soon as possible. Some people defer to other options, which are usually less effective. This may include insurance claims or police involvement. But sometimes, more rigorous legal action is needed. That is why Norman Yatooma & Associates is here to help.
Once your legal claim is submitted, our qualified personal injury attorneys will be there to counsel you through the legal process. Our legal professionals will determine the likelihood of your case succeeding in court. Furthermore, they will gauge the viability of your case as a whole.

Honesty is the hallmark of Norman Yatooma & Associates. During the legal process, it is critical that you are candidly honest and transparent with our attorneys, so that we thoroughly understand the major contributors to the injury and the situation in its full context. Your evaluation of the injury-causing event must be as detailed as possible. Witness contact information may prove relatively helpful, as well. You should provide a precise outline regarding the manner in which events unfolded, leading up to the injury. The more details that we have, the better.

Our attorneys care about our clients’ wellbeing. You do not have to struggle through the emotional or financial turmoil of a person injury without outside assistance. If the opposing party is liable for what happened to you, then you may have a case against them. Hiring a personal injury lawyer can provide you with a nice reprieve from the physical and psychological strain of your condition

What To Avoid

Some personal injury victims simply resort sending a complaint. But our law firm can take your case even further, and help you obtain the compensation that you deserve. A complaint simply requests an apology or valid explanation for the triggering event that resulted in your injury in the first place. Of course, a complaint provides no relief for the long term effects of your injury. A complaint cannot accommodate the financial losses and strains that culminate as a result of the harm suffered. Furthermore, a complaint cannot provide compensation, nor can it treat the injury in question. The legal professionals at Norman Yatooma & Associates will work tirelessly to hold negligent parties accountable for the damages you have incurred. We are here to help convey your strong personal injury case and to help you acquire the largest possible settlement for your injuries.

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