Practice Areas

Appellate Law

Selecting the right appellate lawyer can be the key to winning your appeal. Our attorneys have extensive experience at all levels.

Business & Corporate Litigation

We understand both the nuance of business and the nuance of litigation, to ably marry these practice areas. Our lawyers are more than litigators: they’re business people practicing law.

Criminal Law

If you’ve been wrongly accused, you deserve a zealous defense, and we will be your zealous advocate. If you’ve been justly accused, kindly look elsewhere.

Employment Law

Whether the employee or the employer, we tenaciously represent whomever is right. So be right.

Estate Law

We will effectively plan and safeguard that your possessions are disbursed properly, free of fees and taxes.

Family Law

When you’re fighting for what matters most, you need a lawyer who cares more than most.

Franchise Law

Whether the franchisee or franchisor, we have formed and dismantled franchises all over the country.

Legal Malpractice

If you were wronged by your former lawyer, we will aggressively prosecute a case against them on your behalf.

Medical Malpractice

Our firm is committed to representing individuals who have become the victim of medical negligence.

Personal Injury

When the injury is truly personal, money will never prove sufficient compensation, but we’ll fight to win you every last dollar you deserve.

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