Rochester student turns author after publishing children’s book

17-year-old Megan D’Arcy has a 4.0 GPA, is taking six AP classes this semester, and is captain of the varsity tennis team. To use her own words, the senior at Stoney Creek High School in Rochester has triumphed over tragedy.

“That’s something that I’m also proud of, that I can move forward and honor my dad, and get great grades and be involved in the community and everything,” said Megan D’Arcy.

When she was 13-years-old, Megan’s father, Michael D’Arcy died in a plane crash on New Year’s Eve in 2006. The 52-year-old was piloting the plane when it went down behind some homes. Megan’s older sister Katie was critically injured in the crash. She had to learn to walk again, but has made a full recovery. Megan coped with the death of her dad by writing a story and putting her grief into words.

Her mother looked up and teary-eyed said, my dear princess Megan. I have the worst news, there has been an accident and your king the father was in it,” read Megan from her book.

The story is similar to how she learned about her father’s death and the questions that followed. Megan is a frog princess in her book, and her father is the frog king. Megan published the story in October, 5 years later, after realizing the need for it.
“Many grief and coping books are more sophisticated or geared toward adults and I don’t think there are many to help children in the process,” said Megan.

And everyone deals with grief differently said Paul Carlin. He has been Megan’s guidance counselor and watched her grow over the past four years.

“Some people it really can make them take a step back. Other people use it as motivation and as a force to set goals, and I feel that’s what Megan’s done,” said Paul Carlin.

All the proceeds from the book go to charity, to the Yatooma Foundation for the Kids, an organization that helped Megan shortly after her dad died.

“It’s pretty mind boggling, and it’s great that it’s bringing awareness to the foundation and helping so many kids,” said Megan.

The story still helps Megan in ways she never could have imagined.

“It still helps and reminds me of my dad and his legacy,” said Megan.

‘Be Happy’ will be soon be available in stores, right now it can be purchased online at places like for $14.95.

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