Unveiling the Mystery of the Tamara Greene Case

It’s been 5 years since the woman – an exotic dancer known as Strawberry lost her life. Was she a target, or was it a cruel act of evil that took her life? Is Green’s death connected to the mayor’s office? Inquiring minds want to know.

Five years ago a woman who was an exotic dancer that went by the name of Strawberry was killed in a drive by shooting while sitting in the care with her boyfriend. Her case was investigated, then quashed – and never resolved. Her case was sent to Detroit’s cold case department and was buried away just as she was.

There have been stories flying around for years about a wild party that took place at the Manoogian Mansion that had strippers around as part of the entertainment. The story went that Carlita Kilpatrick came home early and a there was some sort of altercation with the dancer. Thereafter what occurred still remains a mystery.

In the investigation of the case that has became known as the Whistle Blowers Case, the story about the party at the mansion resurfaced.

The Mayor and officials from his office and the police have continuously denied that there was ever a party at the Mayor’s residence. An investigation by the state dismissed the case as urban legend, because there was never any proof to support the allegation.

Now there appears to be more to the case and the tide is turning from the story about some stripper killed in a drive by, to a story of a life extinguished to soon of a mother, a daughter, and friend with hopes, dreams and aspirations for a brighter future for herself and her children. Her name was Tamara Greene.

Former homicide lieutenant, Alvin Bowman, who investigated the death of Tamara Greene said in a sworn affidavit that he suspects she was killed by a member of the Detroit Police Department based on the number of shots taken and type of firearm used. He also indicated in the affidavit that he is aware of links between Greene and “high-ranking city employees” and an unnamed associate of Mayor Kilpatrick.

The affidavit also alleges obstruction by the mayor, Christine Beatty, Former Police Chief Jerry Oliver and his successor Chief Ella Bully-Cummings. The attorney who is defending the city calls the Bowman affidavit absurd.

The sex text message scandal has brought more attention to the unsolved murder of Tamara Greene. Birmingham attorney Norman Yatooma who represents Greene’s 14 year old son, Jonathan Bond, is seeking justice. Yatooma understands what it means to lose a parent to violence, because his father was killed in a drive by shooting when he was a young man – a case that wasn’t solved.

What’s the difference? There was no one in the police force or administrative capacity that stood in the way of trying to close his father’s case. Yesterday, young Bond spoke out on local news programs showing Metro Detroit he understood what happened. He humanized his mother for those who listened, and in the end only wants the truth. Tamara Greene’s father also spoke up and doesn’t want his daughter remembered as Strawberry some stripper gunned down in the street like a dog.

Yatooma filed in court a Michigan State Police report of an interview with an emergency medical technician who said he witnessed a disturbance at Detroit Receiving Hospital in the fall of 2002 at which he was told “the mayor’s wife had beat down some b—-.”

Yatooma is following every possible lead, some of which is based on the former homicide lieutenant’s sworn affidavit.


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