VIDEO 2: Whether the Tamara Greene case will go to trial is now up to a judge

DETROIT (WXYZ) – A verbal battle in court is on going in the case of of murdered, exotic dancer, Tamara Green.

Judge Gerald Rosen is in the process of trying to decide whether the Greene family’s case against the city of Detroit can move forward. The city would like to see it thrown out.

The Greene family is desperate for the case to go before the jury. But they will have to wait a little while longer because the city and Kwame Kilpatrick and their attorneys are taking actions to make sure it doesn’t go to trial.

Wednesday Judge Rosen called all of the attorneys in to hear their arguments. The judge said there have been a lot salacious things that have come out in the case from depositions and media coverage, to talk of a wild party at the Manoogian mansion, Tamara Greene dancing there, Kilpatrick’s wife, Carlita getting into an altercation and Greene being murdered is not the central issue.

What the judge is now considering: did Kwame Kilpatrick derail the
Tamara Greene murder investigation with the intent to prevent the Greene family from filing a wrongful death suit.

That will be a tough burden of proof for attorney Norman Yatooma.

Judge Rosen is challenging Mr. Yatooma to say show me where it was specific to Tamara Greene,” says media attorney Herschel Fink.
“We are entitled to a reasonable inference as to what the evidence means. We don’t literally have to catch somebody on candid camera to demonstrate they’ve done something wrong,” said Norman Yatooma.

The judge did say Kwame Kilpatrick had a lot of people investigating him for a lot of things. He suspects Kilpartrick might have been trying to derail all the investigations and the Tamara Greene murder case could have been collateral damage.

Rosen says he has a lot of issues to consider. It could be days, weeks or even months before a decision comes down on whether this will go to trial.

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