VIDEO: Kinkade Co. To Pay Nearly $3M To Couple

Kinkade Co. To Pay Nearly $3M To Couple

MORGAN HILL, Calif. — A moving company nearly hauled away millions of dollars worth of art from the Morgan Hill headquarters of the man known as the “painter of light”.

A judge signed an order Tuesday for the Thomas Kinkade Co. to pay nearly $3 million to a Virginia couple who opened a Kinkade gallery only to lose their life savings.

An attorney for the couple said they were duped into selling Kinkade’s art on the promise that they would make a lot of money, but were later undermined when Kinkade started selling his art at discount stores for half of what the dealers were able to sell it for.

“The so-called ‘painter of light’ is the one who turned the lights off on these franchisees (and) put them into total darkness because he made it impossible for them to earn a buck and did so with complete disregard for their personal circumstances,” attorney Norman Yatooma said.

The federal court originally ruled for the couple in October 2006, but the case was appealed.

On Thursday, a moving company showed up at Kinkade’s Morgan Hill headquarters but left without taking a single painting after the plaintiff’s attorneys got word that Kinkade would rather pay the judgment than have his art confiscated.

Attorneys for the Thomas Kinkade Co. would not return calls from Action News.

The plaintiffs in the case, meanwhile, spent eight years fighting the Thomas Kinkade Co.

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