Yatooma: No Kilpatrick emails produced, calls for sanctions

DETROIT (WXYZ) – The lawyer for the family of slain stripper Tamara Greene is asking the court for more sanctions against the City of Detroit, calling the conduct of City lawyers “misleading and obstructionist.”

In a court filing Monday, attorney Norman Yatooma says the City of Detroit still has not complied with repeated court orders to produce emails in a readable form for Kwame Kilpatrick, Christine Beatty, former Police Chief Ella Bully-Cummings, and former Executive Protection Unit officers Mike Martin and Loronzo “Greg” Jones.

Greene’s family is suing the City and former mayor Kilpatrick, alleging they obstructed the investigation into Greene’s murder. Greene is rumored to have danced at a wild party the ex-mayor allegedly held at the Manoogian Mansion.

According to the filing, Kilpatrick’s office computer is now missing its hard drive.

Yatooma says “Kilpatrick’s home computer has never been produced or copied.” He also says “the contents of two other external hard drives in the City’s possession that contain additional computer data of Kilpatrick’s downloaded from the City’s servers has not been produced or copied, nor have the contents of a “thumb drive” onto which other computer data of Kilpatrick’s was copied.”

Yatooma also notes in the court filing that with respect to the email data that was produced for former Chief Bully-Cummings, she had several sub-folders in her email labeled “Mayor KMK,” and a sub-folder labeled “Flagg v. City of Detroit” (that’s the formal name of the Greene lawsuit).

According to Yatooma, those and nearly all of the other sub-folders in Bully-Cummings mailbox “are completely empty, and devoid of content.”

This motion asks the judge to side with the Greene family in the case, asking the judge for a default judgment.

The Action News Investigators did not hear back from City attorney John Schapka, but he has previously asked the judge to dismiss the entire lawsuit. A hearing about this alleged destruction of evidence still has to take place. In the coming weeks, the judge overseeing this lawsuit will make a final decision on whether or not this case can go to trial.


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