Yatooma wins access to cell phone records in Greene lawsuit

DETROIT (WXYZ) – A federal judge has ordered the city of Detroit to turn over cell phone records for dozens of city employees as the discovery process continues in the family lawsuit for murdered exotic dancer Tamara Green.

Federal magistrate Judge R. Steven Whalen granted Green family attorneys access to city-owned cell phone records from late 2002 and April of 2003. That’s the month when Green was gunned down in a drive-by shooting on the city’s northwest side.

Attorney Norman Yatooma, representing the Green family, claims former Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick obstructed the Detroit Police Department investigation into Green’s murder.

He believes that phone numbers found in the murdered dancer’s cell phone, beginning with the prefix 313-999 or 220, can be matched to high ranking employees in Kilpatrick’s administration.

Yatooma believes this could prove that the key people who claimed not to know Green before her death were not telling the truth.

“Tammy Green’s cell phone is repleat with cell numbers beginning with 999 or 220, the same numbers used by hundreds of city employees,” Yatooma told Action News. “It would be more than curious if her numbers matched individuals who claim they didn’t know Tammy.”

Green told friends she was one of several dancers at the infamous, but still unproven, Manoogian Mansion party where she claims she was assaulted by Kilpatrick’s wife, Carlita.


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