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Wrongful termination discrimination

Employment contracts and pay disputes

Employers can have a tough time navigating all the rules and regulations they have to obey, but employees have an even tougher time when their employers treat them unfairly. Both federal and state employment laws are in place to protect workers’ rights. The experienced employment law attorneys at Norman Yatooma and Associates are also here to fight for workers.

Wage, Overtime, Meal and Rest Periods.

Most working people depend on the income from their jobs and many have families dependent on them. Our wage and overtime lawyers understand that your finances are important to you and that you have bills and obligations to meet. Hourly wage employees are entitled to at least minimum wage, and often time-and-a-half or double pay for overtime. Employees are entitled to breaks in addition to a meal period if they work a full shift. Lunch breaks are not just company policy; lunch breaks are mandated by law.

When employees are denied their lunch break, the employer owes them for unpaid wages. And in the unfortunate situation where an employer terminates an employee, the employee in some states has a right to receive his or her final paycheck immediately. Under some state laws, employers owe penalty money to employees when the employers fail to pay any wages on time.

Our employment lawyers can help resolve pay disputes, unpaid overtime, and unpaid meal and rest periods. We work with you to calculate how much you are owed. And we identify which employer practices must change. We bring claims under the Fair Labor Standards Act and state labor laws. We take aggressive action to make employers pay what is due, whether it is for one worker or for an entire class of employees. We understand that legal proceedings are straining on our clients. Therefore, we first write a demand letter to pressure employers to cooperate. Then if needed, we resort to filing claims and arguing in state administrative hearings or state court. Our attorneys take on individual cases as well as class-action lawsuits.


Unfortunately, workplace discrimination is still too common. Discrimination at work can take on many forms including favoritism, preferences for raises and promotions, hiring and firing practices, unfair job requirements and testing, hostile work environment, or harassment and offensive epithets. Federal law protects against discrimination on the basis of age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, pregnancy, disability, religion, and race. These federal laws include the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA), the Rehabilitation Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. State laws sometimes offer further protection or protection for additional classes of people.

The discrimination attorneys at Norman Yatooma and Associates understand that people are happier and more productive in a safe and comfortable work environment. Discrimination in the workplace not only can stop you from advancing in your career but it can spill over and negatively impact your home life and mental health. Our discrimination and harassment attorneys will take the time to listen to you; and they will work with you to identify which employer or co-worker behavior is against the law. We file discrimination claims with state agencies and with the Equal Employment and Opportunity Commission of the federal government. In addition, our attorneys will fight for you in administrative hearings and in court. But we recognize that oftentimes a settlement is the best solution; we will help you understand when a settlement can compel an employer to change its behavior and discriminatory practices.

Contractual Rights.

Employers and employees often have sensitive needs that can only be addressed in the employment contract. Employment contracts define the work relationship and the obligations and duties of each party. You may find yourself working in an industry where competition between companies is fierce. In these employment situations, navigating the workplace becomes ever so complicated. In such industries, it is not unusual for employers to restrict the activities and mobility of their employees. Non-compete and confidentiality clauses are meant to protect the employer. Conversely, sometimes as inducement, employers will agree to provide employees additional rights or benefits.

An attorney can help you understand and protect your rights in an employment contract. Our expert contract and employment attorneys analyze these clauses and agreements; they can inform you how these agreements affect your job, your personal life, and your ability to find other employment. Our contract lawyers can also represent you in negotiations with your potential employer. The attorneys at Norman Yatooma and Associates take the time to understand our clients’ interests as well as the needs of their employers. Our attorneys are tough negotiators. We listen for the terms that are most important to you and we look for mutually beneficial solutions that obtain what you need while also building a positive relationship with your employer.

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